Warthog Red Springs

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  • Stronger than standard springs
  • Optimized for 15cm – 20cm extensions



  • Stronger springs which have the purpose to replace the standard Warthog springs
  • Longer extensions for the Warthog are now more feasible
  • Centering force now present also with longer extensions
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Black Extension


Grosses Set
Hoodies Small Set
Joystick Hoodie Color
Joystick Hoodie Size
Joystick Staubkappe Camo
Joystikck Staubkappe Grösse
Kleines Set
Large Set
Pedale Staubkappe One Size
Pedals Hoodie One size
Schubregler Staubkappe One Size
Schwarz Verlängerung
Standard Extension
Standard Verlängerung
Throttle Hoodie One size
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Warthog Red Springs

  1. ANTOINE VIEILLEFONT (verified owner)

    I am happy to regain the “original centering force” that I had without the extension. Which is the goal of the product. So.. 5/5

  2. Joel G. (verified owner)

    Bought this for the warthog with the 200mm s-curve extension (extension purchased from Virpil).

    I’m very happy with the feel. After the heavy-centering, practically wrist-breaking stock spring that comes with the warthog without the extension, this red spring from Sahaj is a pleasure to use.

    The much softer feel allows for very fine control, with no heavy centering ‘thud’ while still providing sufficient centering force.

    I think with one of Sahaj’s 200mm extensions, the spring would centre the stick on all directions, but because I am using the s-curve extension, this places the already very heavy warthog grip slightly farther back than if the extension was dead vertical. This means that with the s-curve extension, the stick will centre on left, right, and forward deflection, but not at full backwards (into your lap) deflection. At half, even two thirds backwards deflection, the stick will centre, but not if you pull it back to full deflection.

    Nonetheless, I have grown very used to the feel and do not find that slight loss of that backwards centering to be in any way a hindrance or even noticeable any more.

    I also purchased the blue spring – which does fix the centering issue – but after getting used to the wonderfully soft feel of the red spring, i decided to stay with the red.

    Overall, the red spring looks great, feels amazing, and with the cheap shipping from Sahaj, is absolutely worth it for a hassle-free upgrade. Sahaj was friendly and helpful when making and shipping the spring.

    I highly recommend and have given this four stars instead of five just because of that minor deflection issue when used with an s-curve extension. Would love it if Sahaj increased the strength just slightly to compensate for the s-curve.

    If you have a 200mm extension, stop dithering and buy the spring already!

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