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Better gunnery ? More precision ?

If this is what you long for in your sim experience then go for one of my extensions

Warthog Extensions

If you want to squeeze the maximum out of your Thrustmaster Warthog, consider an extension. As you know Thrustmaster Warthog uses a native 16-bit resolution (65536 x 65536 values) and in order to exploit its full potential an extension seems and in fact IS necessary.

The effect!

After a period of adoption an extension will greatly improve precision on your Warthog. The original Warthog-throw is too short to fully exploit Warthog's unique high resolution. Furthermore the high resistance force of the main spring is also automatically reduced by the extension. After applying the extension to your Warthog you will notice instantly the overall better feeling (micro corrections) in handling of the plane. Finally your Warthog becomes a whole new better stick.

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It’s my second extension which I bought from Sahaj. First, I decided to go for the 10 cm extension and was delighted with the result. It really improved flight simulation by a lot. It gives you a much smoother and more natural control of the plane resulting in a immersive flight feeling. Since I’m mainly flying WWII aircrafts and this mostly with the IL-2 BoS simmulator I now tried the 7.5 cm extension. For this type of simulation, the smaller extension is even better. The control forces are only slightly larger and while maintaining the same precision you’re more responsive in a dogfight. I’m thrilled.

12 NOV 201

Francisco Ferrer Second Extension

I use 7.5 cm Warthog Extensions by Sahaj now, and it gives me a better precision and feeling with my Warthog joystik,
I’m very happy with this change.

9 NOV 2015

Magne Dagfinn Vorland 7.5 cm Warthog Extension

The stick now has just over 1 cm space between the desk and the stick with the 7,5 cm extension. And that is perfect for moving around without getting my fingers pinched.

17 SEP 2015

Huub Stheins 7,5 Black Extension

15 cm extension is working like a charm, installation is very easy it’s real like plug and play device.
Force on stick is reduced do to longer arm so overall stick precision and smoothness is significantly increased, also because of longer throw you can tailor inputs effectiveness to your own taste or plane specifics to make feel more like a real thing, so I highly recomend this product.

26 OCT 2015

Sebastian Kuciarski 15 cm Warthog Extension

The missing piece arrived in the mail today. It’s like a totally different stick now. I did a short flight and the precision was fantastic on the landing.

14 SEP 2015

Robert Kaprowski 7.5 cm Warthog Extension

Still need to get used to it, but much more precise than before.
The centering force is not so strong anymore, which is nice if i don’t won’t to trim the Su27 too much

14 APR 2015

Henry De Lange (henrydelange6@gmail.com) 10 cm piece arrived today ..

Hi folks,

just received my 7,5 cm extension for the Warthog from Sahaj and I can tell you it’s absolutely worth the money for the gain in smoothness, feeling and precise control of the stick. It has been a friendly and fast transaction, the parts (extension itself and a short connection cable) are flawless, (thread felt a bit rough under my fingertip) but assembly was quite easy to do in a minute. All buttons are working.

Using the Logitech G940 (with force feedback) for several years, I always have been curious about Thrustmasters’ Warthog and this year wife surprised me with this nice stick and throttle on my birthday. After trying I was first disappointed by the strength of the spring, it was some kind of … exhausting … compared to G940, (centre spring disabled, very sloppy …), but with time I got used to it and was looking for a way to optimize.

Initially I was interested in a 10 cm extension, but Sahaj convinced me to start with the smaller one and it was a good advice, it is enough leverage effect to do smooth stick movements relative to the resistance. Of course I cannot compare but I highly recommend it, 7,5 cm extension is long enough … oh man, not what you think.

With the extension this thing was definitely too tall to look above standing on the table, so I had to mod my “cockpit floor board” and built some kind of socket for the stick, finally the way your hand placed on the grip is way more ergonomic. I have made some pics if you are interested.

Wrote by: feuervogel on Forum Warthog Extensions

22 AUG 2014

Feuervogel It’s absolutely worth the money for the gain in smoothness…

I got my 15cm extension last week and it takes a short while to adjust but once you do the feeling of control is great. The quality is good it takes only a few minutes to fit it.

Wrote by: WIngitWingit on Forum Warthog Extensions

13 APR 2014

WIngitWingit It takes only a few minutes to fit it…

Hello fellows!

Now, I’m one of the happy owners of Sahaj’s Warthog extension. And that’s super!
Everybody who has Warthog but still not sure if this extension is useful and effective, should stop to think about such trifles and buy this “add-on” finally! Because it’s really so! 😀
Even despite tight spring, the extension allows to control a plane very very precisely – mm by mm.

I can’t say that I began to shoot better after buying the extension – I should to train (and fly generally) for that more often. But I can surely say that now I feel a plane in the game much better after Warthog’s upgrade. Especially, during a landing and a taking-off.

The extension is made very well, communication with Sahaj is perfect and shipping is fast.
In short, must-have!

Wrote by: BaronVonMyakin on Forum www.riseofflight.com

10 APR 2013

BaronVonMyakin The extension is made very well…