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Warthog Springs by Sahaj


Hereby I would like to introduce my new products: stronger springs which have the purpose to replace the standard Warthog spring and make the use of longer extensions for the Warthog more feasible.

Two types are available for purchase.

Red springs preferably for extensions between 15cm and 20cm

Blue, much stronger springs, for longer extensions from 20cm up

Standard Warthog springs are too strong for the standard Warthog making the handling of the stick a little uncomfortable without an extension. On the other hand they become too soft when using longer extensions and for some guys the lack of centering force was and still is quite a big issue.

Now the new, stronger springs are the solution for this problem.

The instruction video how to replace the standard spring is in the works and will be shortly available.

S! Sahaj

5 thoughts on “Warthog Springs by Sahaj

  1. Greg says:

    Question: Do you make softer springs?

  2. AffiliateLabz says:

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Barry House says:

    Hi Sahaj, someone mentioned you may do softer springs for the warthog. I find the original spring makes the stick hard to operate..I want to make the standard stick a bit easier to push

  4. Sahaj says:

    Hi Barry, you are in the right place, the green spring is softer than the original spring so I would recommend that product, it is available for purchase on the website!

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